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A look at Single Fin Surfboards (Part I)

Here’s two Customs Single Fins we made recently.

Dale’s Pin Tail and Shane’s Round Tail.

While they are both Single Fins, they are two quite different surfboards due to their Custom specifications.


Dale’s Pin Tail: 6’10” x 21″ x 3″ – 48 Litres

This board is straight out of 1976 and is designed for “good waves”, down the line and hollow.

It has plenty of paddle power, courtesy of the length as well as the overall volume distribution.

The rails are soft and forgiving with a tucked under edge which tightens up through the tail.

The bottom contours are a subtle blend of Rolls and Vees. The Vee increases under the riders feet and dissipates off the tail.

The styling of this board is classic 1970’s.

To see more about this model, follow the link: Single Fin Pin Tail


Shane’s Round Tail: 5’11” x 19 5/8″ x 2 3/4″ – 36 Litres

This board is designed as an everyday go to board for a wide range of conditions: West coast points, reefs and beach breaks…

The styling of this board is classic 1970’s.

The bottom contours are a mix of subtle Rolls and Vees with a slight concave under the rides front foot.

While this board is a dedicated Single Fin, it can also be ridden as a Tri-fin.

To see more about this model, follow the link: Single Fin Round Tail

It’s amazing the presence these boards have and the immediate effect they have on everybody that sees them.

It’s as if they provide some clarity back to the essence of surfing. There is a warm vibe emanating from them that leaves you feeling good.

Be sure to check in on progress of our Single Fin design program as it unfolds on my blog posts.

Follow the journey on and book a ride on one of our Demos . . .

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