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A walk through the Candy Store . . .

We have  lots of Goodies in The Candy Store…

A selection of carefully thought out models which we have designed and hand crafted to enhance your surfing pleasure.

A walk through the Candy Store reveals delights from the past and present to carry your surfing into the future.

Single Fin and Magic Carpet


There is a particularly tasty rack of 1970 Single Fins in Round and Pin tails: 5’11” to 6’10” in length, chock full of golden era nostalgia with a  magical feel and a performance level that will excite you. Mixed in with these gloss coated beauties is a selection of Magic Carpets that blend 70’s flavours with modern day performance expectations. We have a 6’1″ Quad version and 6’7″, 6’8″ to 7’3″ designs that are both Single and Tri Fin capable.




Next up is a nice size spread of our ever popular Speed Dialer Model. Hands down our most regular custom request for several years running. Stunning functionality across a broad range of surf conditions gives the Speed Dialer powers of liberation that reaches far across our customer base. From seasoned veterans all the way to avid beginners looking for a tool that they can start on and quickly progress into a realm of performance that will have them frothing for years to come. Long-time surfers with years of experience under their belt are amazed at how much shorter they can go while retaining or even increasing their wave count. The real bonus for them however is the new found levels of performance that the Speed Dialer provides. Currently in stock are 5’9″, 5’10”, 5’11”,6’0″, 6’2″, 6’3″, 6’4″, 6’6″ and 6’11” versions in a mix of Diamond and Swallow Tails.


By now most people are well aware of the profound effect that the Mini Simmons is continuing to have on the world of surfing and surfboards. New styles of boards are being developed that many consider to be the high  performance surfboards of the future and these boards are directly influenced by the Mini Simmons. The ability to go so much shorter than you ever thought possible with a huge fun factor on top of overall surfing functionality. In this section of the showroom we have the Mini Simmons in its pure form as a Twin Keel. Currently in stock are two 5’3″ Twin keel Mini Simmons with more coming soon! Next a fusion of Mini Simmons and Shortboard in our Dyno Mite model. Dynomites blend the elevated planning speeds and tight arc turning of the Mini Simmons with a modern shortboard feel and comes in a Quad fin set up. We have 5’6″ versions of the Dyno Mite available from The Candy Store. Overtime the Dyno Mite has further influenced and inspired a newly developed model red hot for Summer! Introducing the Summer Slayer! A low volume low rockered speed generator with a decidedly high performance shortboard pedigree. The Summer Slayer comes standard with a five way finbox configuration for Thruster/Quad and Five fin options. We have two 6’0″ Summer Slayers in stock and ready to ride! Something of a dark horse stands in the rack in the form of a 6’7″ C- Wing Quad. This step up board is a solid performer ready to tackle the building swells  of the coming Summer Cyclone season. C- Wing surfers love the addictive bite/drive and control that these board deliver. Representing our popular range of Mid- Length designs we currently have a 7’0″ AP3 in stock. A versatile Swiss Army Knife with a long, well proven track record.



Check out our rack of Fuse and Short Fuse Thrusters in 5’8″, 5’10”, 6’0″ and 6’2″ lengths. Single to Double Concave bottoms and Rounded Square Tails. Modern high performance boards in ultra light weight construction designed to fly in average conditions and above. While these boards are  “Team weight” they are also constructed to take the punishment and go the distance. We have paired the lightest Super Strong Formula blanks available with 1/4″ Poplar stringers. The decks are double 4oz glass and the bottoms a single 6oz with a 4oz fin patch. The result is light and strong!




Our Longboard rack currently carries everything from progressive Innovator and Competitor Deluxe models through to Electraglide and Vintage Reissue shapes with more stock coming through the factory. Fresh stock will include our Classic Brand Nose Riding Logs.







All boards designed and shaped by Roger Hall and Handcrafted by the Surfline Team right here in Ruakaka New Zealand for your wave riding pleasure!

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    Joseph. Daly says:

    Hi how are you?
    Will you be having the Candy Store sale this year please ?
    Would still do the 50 percent deposit and balance by 30 days?
    Would have any second hands for sale not online?
    Could you please sent me a full list of stock for sale please.
    Cannot get into store as in Broadwood Hokianga.
    You & and team have the best boards in nz,the innovators in surfboards in nz.
    Thank you& sorry to be a pain,thank you very much

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