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Barkers x Surfline Roger Hall 2018

You’ve been working with Barkers for a fair few years now, what’s it like collaborating on a clothing range?

This is our fifth year of the collaboration. Before that, we worked on a project to theme the Barkers Takapuna store as {The Board Room} which was a nice lead in to our working relationship. I find Barkers’ interest in our surfing history and culture both humbling and also quite uplifting. I’m proud of my work and to be recognised by Barkers in this way is an honour. I really enjoy the process of our collaboration; together we’re telling uniquely Kiwi stories that come from and relate to the broader New Zealand surfing culture. Barkers bring their expertise with fashion, garments and textiles which we blend with the stories, designs and colourways arising from Surfline’s surfboard building. The process is interactive, it’s fun and yet requires quite a bit of input and effort at the same time (a bit like making surfboards!). I’m learning lots as I go as well as looking at and appreciating what I do through fresh eyes. The whole process ends up inspirational even though it is in itself drawing from existing inspirations!

Roger Hall heading for the nose on a 9’4″ Electraglide – Photo Credit: CPL


Who was the other surfer in the CPL shoot? 

Paul Culpan aka Moonbob! He is a very talented surfer with a lot of depth and miles of style. He loves riding an array of surfboard shapes and shares my curiosity to venture down design paths less travelled. He’s a blast to work with on these occasions where we can both carry on like a couple of frothing grommets.

Paul Culpan aka Moonbob drop knee turns a 9’2″ Vintage Reissue – Photo credit: CPL


You work with Mike and CPL regularly, how important are these long-term relationships in getting your work out there? 

I have worked with both these guys for many years now and have immense respect for what they do. We have a good understanding of each other and mutual respect so it’s always a buzz working with them. Both of these guys are very passionate about what they do and the effort they apply to their craft. This makes me want to dig deep, so we feed off each other’s energy. They are great guys to be around, easy to work with and I can’t thank them enough for the role they have played in presenting my work with their images. They capture the moments and sprinkle magic dust on them, fuelling our imaginations by adding another layer altogether. Both have had a significant effect on the collaboration in that way.

Photo Credit: CPL

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