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Californian influences: a Design Encounter at Auckland Art Gallery

Currently showing at the Auckland Art Gallery: California Design 1930 – 1965 Living in a modern way.

One of the exhibits featured in the exhibition is a Greg Noll surfboard and I was asked to participate in a design encounter to illustrate the influence of California design as it relates to surfboards.

This is a subject rather dear to my heart as from the earliest recollections as a young surfer/shaper I was excited and stimulated by what I saw and learnt about California surfboard styles and shapes.

While the surfers and shapers from the West Coast of America had a profound effect and influence back in the day it is amazing to see how those influences continue to surface and contribute to surfboard design at so many levels.

My Design Encounters feature a talk and discussion on various influences from throughout the time period 1930 to 1965 and are supported by a display of both vintage and current examples of surfboards I design, build and ride.

Thumnail 1

Featured boards include Twin Keel Fishes I made in the 1970’s under the Woodenships label.

Some early examples of the first modern longboards in New Zealand circa 1980.

We will also have on display some of our current Longboard designs, as well as an array of high volume quads and twin fins which are among our most popular custom requests.

I will be showing a lineup of my finless Hot Curl designs as an example of design influence from the 1930’s while other shapes in my display will be relevant to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s respectively.

My next Design Encounter at the Auckland Art Gallery will be on Sunday the 1st of September. (Fathers Day) from 12:00 pm to 2:00 p.m.

My talk will commence at 12.30 pm.

See you there! Cheers, Roger

Design Encounter: Roger Hall – Surfline Custom Surfboards (click for more details)




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