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Checking out the wonderfull world of Midlengths

Midlengths come in all shapes and sizes and, I guess for me, that is the important part.

Midlengths have an accesibility that makes them a rising star of surboard design in the modern realm.

Midlengths were of course, the subject of much focus in the late 60’s as surfboards zoomed down in length from long to short.

Surfboard designs back then were very much in a state of flux, with change at such a rate that Midlengths were merely a “transition” that dissapeared in the dust stirred up by the “Shortboard Revolution”.

Thirty three years ago I introduced my Wavewalker model which is just one of the ways that Midlengths have steadly crept back into our lifes.

These days, I’m happy to say, the Midlength is back!


One thought on “Checking out the wonderfull world of Midlengths

    Greg Page says:

    My first board was a 7’11” Velzy Balsa when I started surfing in the early 60’s.
    I’ve ridden a lot shorter and longer but I have always come back to that midlegnth size and shape. I first rode one of Roger’s 8 foot Wavewalkers in a contest at Raglan in 1983 after I snapped my 9 footer. I have had many short and long Surfline boards but I have always had a midlegnth in my quiver. I have had variations of The Innovator since the early 90’s.They are usually 7’8″ with a narrower tail to ride in bigger more powerful waves. Yet it is fun in tiny surf, too. I have taught many beginners and loaned them to many travelling friends. It is my go to board in big challenging NZ conditions and the first board I pick up if I am getting back in the water after being drydocked by an extended injury. I hope to be surfing for a long time. I am keen to ride lots of different sizes and shapes. But I will always have a midlegnth. Thanks Roger for all the pleasure I have gotten from riding these boards.
    Cheers, Greg

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