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Dialling Up Speed – a tribute to a great design…

About 6 years ago, Tony Jenner walked into my showroom to order a “Speed Dialer”.

Tony told me about a board he had owned which was shaped by Rich Pavel, the well known Californian Shaper who originated the Speed Dialer design.

Tony described to me both the concept behind the board and what he wanted to do on it. His parting words were “it has to be able to ride a bump”.

I pulled out a double wing quad template I had developed back in the 80’s and using my current Keel Fin Fish nose curve, forged a new 5’11” Quad template that has a fairly parallel centre and a curvy hip through the last third.

For the rocker I chose a contemporary short board rocker and flattened the apex by 1/4″. This gave moderate nose and tail flip with a straightened accelerator pedal under the front foot.

For the bottom contours I used my concave/roll combination and added deepish double concaves through the fin area. The stringer foil is very high volume only tapering just before the nose and tail tips. The rail foil however, is much lower, sleeker and refined.

Using the Lokbox Fin system I was able to install genuine Rich Pavel Speed Dialer fins and the package was complete.

For its length (Tony’s was 5’11”) this design paddles incredibly well giving the rider a high wave count.

These boards get up and running very quickly and race over flat spots linking turns with little loss of speed.

The real surprise to me has been the versatility in a wide range of conditions. The tail is wide at around 16″ and yet the Speed Dialer is still comfortable in over head high waves.

I think this comes down to the refined tail rails with a crisp edge but well tucked under and combined with the “split keel” quad fins.

I’d like to thank Rich Pavel for the inspiration and also Tony Jenner for ordering that first one all those years ago.

Since then I see Rich every year at the Alley Fish Fry and the Speed Dialer has become one of my most in demand Custom ordered boards.

 Follow the link for a brief chat about the latest customised version as the Speed Dialer design continues to evolve.

Below a clip of Brendon Young (2011 National Over 45’s Champ) riding his Custom Speed Dialer

Brendan Young’s 6’0″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 7/8″ Speed Dialer


My personal wooden 5’11” Speed Dialer with authentic Speed Dialer Fin setup


Enjoying the feel of wood – my Speed Dialer in action



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