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Double D: here she comes…

Here She Comes! The old dunger: With a respectfull nodd and a tip of the hat to a Kiwi classic and all those pioneering board builders who made them back in the day. 9’6″ “Double D” is on her way. Check out #1 at the Sixth Annual Fish fry.

Old school Dunger reissue! A respectful tip of the hat to the fathers of the New Zealand surfboard industry. What became known as “that old Dunger” is pretty much what got the fly wheel of the New Zealand surf industry turning all those years ago. The Double D, a dunger with a D fin is our salute to a Kiwi classic, the old dunger under the batch. The old dunger leaning up against the tractor or lying amonst the long grass. You know the one!

Double D all dressed up and off to the glassing bay. The first of a new model comes standard with a boxed D Fin, heavy and tough “Red Density” blank, gutsey stringer, 10oz glass and Pohutukawa tail strip.

9’6″ Double D with it’s Tail Block primed:

A single strip of Pohutukawa protects the tail from future damage. Pohutukawa is a dense, hard wood with a beautiful rich colour and grain. It reminds us of a thousand Kiwi Summers and a thousand waves surfed, up and down, in and around our magnificant coastline. Sun tanned bodies with salty skins, the smell of evening B.B.Q’s after a long day in the sea and the sun. The old dunger lays on the lawn as boardshorts drip dry on the line, sandy feet, a beer within reach. A thousand happy holidays past under the vivid red on green of the Pohutukawa tree. Great memories of our classic New Zealand Summer.

Double D is a celebration of our Kiwi surfing roots and promises to be one heck of a ride!

The old dunger! we salute you! Wax at the ready Double D is almost here!

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    David Brasell says:

    Hi Roger

    Are yiu sell go and Double D’s

    Cheers David

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