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First post – “A Curious Thing…”

Here is a curious thing about surfboards:

If we isolate one design element that we know works very well and then think about the total opposite design element, often we will find that it too will work very well. For example: you may like the feel of a concave bottom in your shortboard, then one day you jump on a board with roll and the waves just happen to be peaky and bowly; you may be pleasantly surprised! 

It is just that they will create a different effect and, therefore, feeling to the ride.

Here are a few examples:

Light – Heavy

Short – Long

Thick – Thin

Narrow – Wide

Hard – Soft

Curved – Straight

Concave – Convex

Stiff – Flexible

Low Volume – High Volume

Non Buoyant – Buoyant

Upright – Raked

Square – Round

The important thing is in the overall combination of design elements, opposites can be combined along side one another in the same board.

5’11” C-Wing Fish – Rolls, concaves, vees and flats, wood weighted tail.


I think this is the key to advancing surfboard design and how to get the most from your overall surfing experience.

Be open to change, and be prepared to embrace the unfamiliar.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

All the components working together…


One thought on “First post – “A Curious Thing…”

    John Allen says:

    Great message Roger, thanks.There is no holy grail of surfboard design. We create our own reality so trying new things will indeed enhance the experience.

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