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HOT CURL (Part I): latest version ready for the test track

7’0″ x 20 3/4″ x 3″ – Concave Nose – Convex Tail


I’ve been tinkering with Hot Curls over the past couple of years and have decided to “step up” the research and development of these sexy shapes.

In keeping with my theory of weight being a positive component in the design of these boards, I have used a hefty stringer to give the board some presence.

This stringer is a lamination of recycled Poplar, Spruce and Cedar.

Test drive photos by Mike C



15 thoughts on “HOT CURL (Part I): latest version ready for the test track

    Jim says:

    Hello there,
    Im just asking for a few finless tips.
    I tried finless surfing on a 6’10 thruster
    recently and although I thoroughly enjoyed
    the experience I found the board wanted to
    spin and I went backwards a lot. Best results
    were by kneeling in he centre of the board.
    Standing up and trimming were very difficult
    but it was my first finless surf,
    Do you have any tips for me please?
    I love the look of your hot curl designs… excellent stuff!
    Sorry to use this blog.

    roger says:

    Hi Jim,
    If you get a chance to watch the movie Sprout, there is a segment showing Dan Molloy riding a typical thruster shortboard minus the fins.
    First of all your board is designed to function with fins so taking the fins out is basically disabling your board from performing properly.
    You found you needed to ride more central than usual. You will see that Dan does this too and with a very low centre of gravity. This helps to keep the board neutral and enables the rider to balance and correct the board as it loses grip.
    My Hot Curl designs function without the aid of fins and will hold into the wave face. This means the rider is free to trim and manouver the board without fear of it spinning out.
    Hope this helps,

    Guy Harris says:

    Awesome Roger, will have to come up and try one out. G and P

    roger says:

    Hello Guy, I have five boards available from 6’0″ to 9’0″ that your are welcome to test ride, give me a call and book one in any time.
    Cheers Roger

    Ian Bunting says:

    My belief is that you are the spirit of George Greenough. The inspirational conversation on the Hot Curl flicked up memories of Greenough in Torquay in the 60’s with the Spoon kneeboard and his mats. New horizons require a Warrior approach to pursue what one believes. Go beyond a rainbow, Ian

    roger says:

    Hi Ian, Our chat about Hot Curls was both high spirited and hi energy and I drew considerable inspiration from your response to my work.
    I also enjoyed your accurate recall on the way events unfurled in those early and most pivoltal days in Torquay.
    There is an energy radiating out from these Hot Curl surfboards that will be driving me forward with designing, shaping and riding them for a very long time.
    Thanks for the positive energy and the sharing of knowledge.
    Cheers, Roger.

    Mark says:

    Do you think your Hot Curl finless shapes would work with SUP widths in the 9′ 6″ to 10′ lengths. I guess you could always use the paddle for a bit of directional control!

    roger says:

    Hi Mark,
    Interesting point! The riders stance upon entry of a wave is quite parallel and the feet may be closer together than a regular surfer, this is perfect for Hot Curl riding. The use of the paddle will enhance turning and control. The original paddle boards would most certainly have been finless. As far as widths go this can be blanced out with the planshape length and tail dimenions and ratio. As always with width the rider will need to compensate.
    Cheers, Roger.

    Grant Newby says:

    Hi Roger , love what you are doing as always. Would love to try one myself some time.

    roger says:

    Hi Grant!
    I am working on some more prototypes of various shapes and sizes as well as some customs. It has been awhile since I surfed with fins. Such is the allure of the Hot Curl!
    I can picture you riding high and tight at the Alley on a 10’+ version some day!
    I look forward to that.

    Dug says:

    Awesome Rog, always an inspiration.

    roger says:

    Cheers Dug.
    The principles of the Hot Curl have long been an interest of mine. I am really enjoying bringing them to the fore and experiencing the thrill of riding them.
    I will be expanding this post with updates as the journey unfolds. Keep an eye on it.

    peter says:

    nice shots mike!
    those early sessions are the go,clean,backlit,in the slot..

    peter says:

    yeeeeehaaaa…roll on thursday i say….!!!

    roger says:

    Thursday rolled on and the board was a delight to ride! Cheer’s Peter.

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