Tuesday, 06 September 2016 - Posted by Roger at 9:01 am

Mark’s new 6’0″ Double Hot Curl. . .

During the ordering process, Mark was sending me written accounts of Bob Simmons design theories as well as photos and dimensions of the boards Mark typically rides.

All Marks examples are very Simmons inspired and I got that he was walking the path less travelled. Something I can well relate to; as I guess it would be safe to say there’s not a lot of foot prints along the trail of my Hot Curl journey.

I spent most of the weekend shaping Mark’s board which bear in mind was already machine shaped. All the same I sunk a surprising amount of Roger hours into this board.

As I was nearing the finish line it occurred to me that all I had really done was shape a Bob Simmons, if you take a Bob Simmons and really exaggerate the bottom contours, really push them out there, then cut in the recess to separate the tails, leave off the twin fins then you will most likely end up with this shape! Well I did!

With this fresh revelation smacking me firmly between the eyes I stood in my dusty room with just one question: Would BOB approve? . . .

14206129_1498557386836316_5981470390259061571_o 14206152_1498556596836395_4448382278439326347_o 14207769_1498555760169812_7463506861892582408_o 14231384_1498556950169693_4173219977042636376_o 14241620_1498556120169776_4385987856141670289_o 14249837_1498555756836479_2071423733691976037_o 14138618_1498556970169691_804769608804782364_o 14138766_1498555833503138_1066093106278401441_o 14184389_1498557203503001_1283515426053673516_n 14195447_1498556763503045_9121721799144602277_o 14206091_1498556636836391_3516580566630307840_o


4 thoughts on “Mark’s new 6’0″ Double Hot Curl. . .

    Blair says:

    You should do some SciFi movie spaceship designs that would fit in so well! I love the look of it. I tried to ride one once on one of your ‘Open Days’ but sadly by the time I got to grab it the waves had decided not to play the game. Sometime soon perhaps.

    roger says:

    Hi Blair, thanks for your comments and interest in the Double Hot Curl design, we are currently working on several custom orders as well as more prototypes for myself. We are doing a wide range of lengths now as the interest in the design hots up. I always have several examples in my van so anytime you see me at the beach just come over and say hello, you are welcome to try one anytime. As far as the artwork goes, I agree! I’m sure the scifi theme will come into play as it’s such a natural fit! Cheers, Roger.

    ian morris says:

    I saw Marks board today in the carpark….loved it…can,t wait to see it in action..bummer,we have such crappy weather at the moment,very impressed with your work Roger…will get back later…regards.

    roger says:

    Hi Ian, thanks very much, great to receive your feedback on Mark’s new custom Hot Curl. Hopefully the weather will clean up and produce some quality waves for you guys soon. Regards, Roger.

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