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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From the Surfline Team

Here comes the Sun! New Zealand’s own Christmas tree the Pohutukawa signals that Summer has arrived with its trade mark blaze of red and sometimes yellow flowers.

Surfboards New Zealand Summer

Water temperatures are on the rise and another kiwi holiday season is just around the corner.



What’s HOT for Summer?

2014 has been a typically busy year for us as we continue to handcraft a wide range of exciting shapes ranging from high performance Thrusters, Singles, Twins to Quads; all the way through Mini Simmons, up to Mid Lengths and Longboards, both progressive and traditional.

Surfboards Merry Christmas Happy New Year

Here is what our customers are most excited about heading into summer 2014/2015:

Shortboarders: Our summer Shortboard Quiver is all about the best interface between you and summer conditions which can vary from clean cyclone groundswell to “back of the high” lazy sea breeze crumblers! The FUSE, SHORT FUSE and SUMMER SLAYER are all about generating SPEED and keeping it right under your feet. All three boards relate closely to one another allowing YOU, the rider, to easily transition up and down in length and width as the surf dictates. A constant supply of SPEED equals busting moves every time you surf.

quads thurster shortboardIf Longboarding is your thing we have a well thought out and time proven range of Longboard models to cater for both, progressive and traditional styles. We have seen a big up swing of interest in “LOG RIDING” with emphasis on drop knee turns and cross stepping to the nose for serious TIP TIME! While all our Longboard models will cater for a respectable noseride, we have two hot options for Summer Log Riding: our VINTAGE REISSUE and the CLASSIC BRAND models.


For those of you who like Smorgasboarding and if tapping into different “feels” and drawing different lines appeals to you, then check out our summer lineup of exciting shapes. More and more of you are experiencing the joys of the MINI SIMMONS which we do in both Twin Keel and Quad formats. The two most frequently ordered MIDLENGTHS for this Summer are our MAGIC CARPET and INNOVATOR DELUXE models both of which can be ordered as either SINGLE FIN, TRI FINS or QUADS.

surfing If you are NEW to surfing we have several cool ways to get you started that will carry you well into the Future!

Come for a chat!

DSCF5227Cheers, Roger.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From the Surfline Team

    Rob Banks says:

    Hi Roger,

    Hope you are having a great summer and beginning to 2015. Love the look of the Fuse and summer slayer. Still riding the speed dialler and fan tail, but could be time for a change. The speed dialler is the bomb so might be hard to give up. Had an interesting trip (and fun waves) in Fiji back in Sept/Oct, surfing Wilkes pass 20 in the water and 3 of us riding your boards. All of us catching our share and totally stoked. Take care and all the best to the team at Surfline. Rob

    roger says:

    Hi Rob, great to hear you are enjoying the boards!Fiji sounded like fun! Do you have any winter getaways planned for this year? Got a couple of new models that I think you would like: Zombie and the Zombie Slayer. I will post up more info on them for you. Cheers from Roger.

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