Tuesday, 07 July 2015 - Posted by Roger at 9:34 pm

New model: the Sugar Glider

The Sugar Glider is specifically designed to be nimble under foot with a silky smooth flow.

The Sugar Glider is rock solid on the nose with a variable arc turning radius.

This board is ideally suited to a full range of swing turns, drop knee turns, cross step and pivot turns.

It’s the easy to ride Log that facilitates the full tilt old school boogie!

When it comes to the art of logging, from nose to tail, the Sugar Glider steps it up to the next level.

For traditionalists, we recommend you ride the Sugar Glider in the 10 to 11 kg weight range.

If you are looking for a lighter feel, we can do that too.

Here at Surfline, we use a combination of various density blanks, multiple option stringers and glassing layups to offer a range of visually stunning ways of obtaining your desired weight. Custom is our specialty!

Our latest Log the Sugar Glider is available by Custom order or in limited numbers from our Showroom: the “Candy Store”.



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