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Profile on the Magic Carpet

I originally designed the Magic Carpet as a Mid Length back in the mid 1990’s. A Swiss army knife with a wide range of application. In 2015 however the Magic Carpet now flies underfoot as a Single Fin specific design, or as a dedicated Quad as well as a Tri-Fin or Thruster. Lets take a look at the evolution of the increasingly popular Magic Carpet, the board that blends the past with the future!

In the ’90’s I wanted to revisit the late ’60’s transition era as inspiration for a purist’s choice to be a performance all rounder suited to quality waves.

From those early days, the Magic Carpet was designed to be a great paddling board with lots of foam under the riders chest. The thickness profile hides this extra foam along the stringer while leaving the rail line sleek and refined. The forward rails are medium low, then flowing through the tail third as a more pinched rail, designed to sink quickly and hold in turns and on steep walls. There is particular attention given to the tuck of the rail edge through the last third.

Profile on the Magic CarpetThe Magic Carpet has a blended three stage rocker which is designed with wave entry, front foot acceleration, and a back foot turning flow firmly in mind. This translates to the surfer as a fluidly dynamic feel, accelerating and flowing through turns as if riding upon a “Magic Carpet”. This Magic Carpet feel also comes from the integrated contours comprising of complex compound curves. I am referring to the cross sectional slices of the board at specific points along it’s length as well as the way these slices blend into one another. These slices contain the shape of the deck, the rails, as well as the bottom contours of the board.

The nose has a light vee serving to set a nice line into waves, parting chop and leading into direction changes. Next comes the front foot concave for speed with a super subtle roll running done the rail line. The single concave flows into two separate concaves contained in a panel vee that runs under the riders back foot and dissipates at the tail pod. The nose vee, the rail line roll and the tail vee all work together to provide a smooth and nimble rail to rail transition.

The shape of the deck contains the thickness flow nose to tail as well as rail to rail. The Magic Carpet is a board that holds extra volume without showing it! A controlled volume distribution for all around surfing functionality. Paddling, duck diving, wave entry, as well as speed, flow, maneuverability, hold and control.

It is a smooth, slick package that easily accepts width changes in the planshape and more specifically changes in tail widths. The wider tails become Quad versions while the narrowing of the tail suits the application of a Single Fin with plenty of scope for multi option fin set ups.

Profile on the Magic Carpet surfing In 2015, the Magic Carpet has become our most sought after model and we are filling custom orders with the full range of variations from dedicated Single Fin to Quad. We also have a great selection available for immediate delivery from The Candy Store. Come and book a test ride on one of our Demo’s, check out what we have in stock or talk to Roger about a custom Magic Carpet. You’ll be stoked!

Cheers, Roger.


4 thoughts on “Profile on the Magic Carpet

    Garry Foster says:

    Hi Roger. Sounds like the board for me.
    We did talk when you were down in New Plymouth
    over easter. I will be in touch at some stage in the near future to discuss options.
    Regards Garry Foster.
    PS I believe my brother Merv has ordered one through you.

    roger says:

    Hi Garry, that was a fun surf session! I enjoyed trading waves and talking surfboards during the lulls and it was good to catch up later at the club rooms and carry on the conversation. The more we talk, the more the Magic carpet is sounding like the right option.I recently went on a surf trip with a couple of Mates, both had new Magic carpets to ride. One was a Single and the other a Tri, they rode their new boards in the same conditions over the course of the trip and it was obvious to see how well they gelled with the boards. I think you will enjoy the feel, performance and versatility of this shape. I’m looking forward to talking to you and Merv about the finer details of your custom Magic Carpets! Talk soon, Cheers, Roger.

    roger says:

    Hi Colin, the Magic Carpet Brendan is riding is 5’11” and it is a quad fin set up. The Magic Carpet has a moderate rocker, while being fairly flat it is enough and the vee in the tail helps with the rail to rail.
    Cheers, Roger.

    colin cook says:

    Hi Roger,
    love the video on the magic carpet can you tell me please what size was the board and what was the fin set-up please? Also does the M/C have much rocker?


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