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The Ace of Diamonds

A Self Indulgent Moment . . . . rewind to 1973 and a 15 year old kid sits in class fiddling with what looks like a rock hard meringue.

It was actually an overflow of polyurethane foam from a do it yourself blank mold. The fibreglass mold had breather holes from which escaping foam would form perfectly shaped meringues!

Objects of great amusement and wonder to this particular teenager- They looked exactly the same as the tasty treats his Mother used to make.

The real excitement however lay in what was inside the blank mold: a freshly blown blank canvas from which to create his next surfboard. This time around the board turned out to be a rather special Diamond Tail Single Fin and while there is alot more to this story, the guts of it is in hyndsight the board turned out to be an elusively magic shape. It seemed easy to ride and the older crew like Mike and Greg insisted that he was surfing better on that board.

Somehow it all just seemed to come together on that Diamond Tail Single Fin and the wise one’s confirmed it with their encouraging words.

I have been thinking about that board for quite awhile and lately it has been calling my name!

While well overdue and in the spirit of “it’s never too late” and a full 43 years later DA DA! The Ace of Diamonds is reborn to ride again.

Dimensions are: 5’11” x 19 3/4″ x 2 13/16″ and 37 litres.

The first of many me thinks.

14114996_1491016927590362_8772434514805824527_o 14115534_1491017077590347_1977751970117080794_o 14138217_1491017104257011_8162406230211382332_o 14138753_1491017394256982_4226723807382896009_o 14195917_1491017187590336_4153667659484361392_o 14206071_1491017330923655_7474115660171960027_o 14066250_1491017297590325_482969743733062396_o

2 thoughts on “The Ace of Diamonds

    Phil Pram says:

    Looks awesome. What’s the price range for a 90 kilo grommit ?

    roger says:

    Hi Phil, it all depends on the size/volume you are used to or wanting as we can custom build volume into a wide range of sizes using thickness flow and plansape width/area. We could chat more about what will suit you best, in the meantime here is a guide to pricing: Up to 6’0″ is $1000, 6’1″ to 7’5″ is $1100, 7’6″ to 7’11” is $1200. Then of course we have a range of extras you may be interested in such as Resin Tints and Gloss Finish.


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