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The Cove Fish Fry 2015 – Waipu Cove New Zealand

The Cove Fish Fry 2015

Place: Waipu Cove New Zealand

Date: 8th of March 2015

In March last year Michael Cunningham put on an awesome day at the beach by presenting to New Zealand and indeed the world a fantastic event he called The Cove Fish Fry.

The event went off a treat and was well attended with both people and surfboards. At days end everybody that had come along felt the stoke and a warm vibe prevailed. Nice work Mr Cunningham!

As if that wasn’t enough the good news is:
Mike has been toiling away in the background ever since to bring us The Cove Fish Fry 2015.

Here is a wee video tribute to the day that Mike put on in 2014 and just a hint at the kind of things to expect to see on the 8th of March as Michael Cunningham brings us The Cove Fish Fry 2015 at Waipu Cove Northland New Zealand.


See you there!

Cheers, Roger

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