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The Fishes

I would say one of the things that defines me as a shaper would have to be my early love affair and long term romance with a cute little surfboard design simply called “FISH”.

me on one of my first Fish in my mid teens

Me on one of my first Fish in my mid teens

The early 70’s for me were spent pawing over the pages of Californian surf mags searching for images of Fish in action and any clues or info about their specific shape and design.

Fishes stood out as being completely different to all other surfboards of the day due to their shortness of length, twin keels and wide fish tails. There was something very exciting about the lines drawn and the style of surfing on these amazing little short, wide and flat boards.

I was indeed in heaven when a Californian surfer named Phil moved to my neighborhood in the early 1970’s bringing with him a tiny Steve Lis Fish. Steve Lis is synonymous with the Fish design and to be able to see and touch a Fish sculpted by the man himself had a deeply profound affect on me.

I built and rode fishes well into the 80’s until peer pressure took its toll. I managed to persist with the twin keel fins even on non-fish type boards until the Thruster eventually won the battle for global domination.

One of the 70's Fish I made

One of the 70’s Fish I made

While I moved with the times I always felt like I was “cheating on my girlfriend” and missing the Fish sensations and certain “moments” that only a Fish can deliver.
It wasn’t long before I started to combine fish designs with elements from another important influence in my life – Ben Aipa.

These Fish and Twin Keel boards have evolved and mutated over the years and there is strong evidence in the models section of my Website.

Influences of Fishes in our Models

Influences of Fishes in our Models

I can tell you that the only times I have experienced true Déjà vu in my life has always occurred while riding fishes. The realization of having experienced the exact same thing at another time of your life (decades apart) sends a strange sensation through your core which you simply can not ignore.

It has never happened on any other type of board (or any other time in my life for that matter) other than while riding Twin Keel 70’s style Fish.


Be sure to join in as surfers the world over celebrate Fish Surfboards at Waipu Cove – March the 9th 2014.

cove fish fry 2

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