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The Free Way Project: DEMO DAY




The first of The Free Way Project Demo days is scheduled for Sunday 26th of April at Waipu Cove 8 am start.


In true Surfline tradition we continue to draw inspiration from the past. We believe that by fusing ideas from the past with present design thinking, we will find new and exciting ways to ride waves in the future. Starting with the 1930’s and travelling through time to the present day we are working on surfboard ideas that inspire us from each decade. That covers a lot of ground and we see this as a long term and on going point of focus. Going forward we intend to share the fruits of our endeavours with you in as many ways as possible.

To launch The Free Way Project we bundled about as many surfboards as we could into a van and headed off with a bunch of talented riders and a video crew. The idea was to document the riding of as many different designs as we could and to see what came out of it in terms of design ideas, feed back and inspiration. Keep an eye out over the coming months for a short doco of the trip.

In the meantime we will be hosting demo days with the same van full of surfboards. There should be something of interest for everyone.

Come along on Sunday 26th of April to Waipu Cove and ride your way through our Demo Fleet.

Talk to the people that made them and have your say and input into the designs of the future.

See you there!

The Surfline Team (Roger, Jay, Rhys, Rizzle, Chris and Mike)

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