Monday, 02 June 2014 - Posted by Roger at 4:07 pm

The Vintage Re-issue Model

As the name implies this is an old school log from the 1950’s era with a touch of modern sophistication.

This comes mostly in the form of careful consideration aimed at enhancing all the features that draw us to old school logs in the first place.

Nice generous nose concave blends to a roll through the center that strategically transitions to a vee flattening into a wide square tail.

The planshape features a curvaceous hip in the aft third with a parallel rail running forward of center.

The Vintage Reissue (VR) locks in for long exciting noserides and takes small wave log riding to another level!

2 thoughts on “The Vintage Re-issue Model

    Mary says:

    I would really like this board, Roger!

    roger says:

    Hi Mary, I think you would love it! While it is a very different style of board to your favourite go to 8’6″Innovator, my feeling is that the V.R would open up an exciting waveriding connection for you. Even as you paddle for the wave the V.R will be wispering “walk to the nose Mary”.

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