Sunday, 22 October 2017 - Posted by Roger at 2:00 pm

The Way We Do…

Step One is shape visualization and design.

Step Two is to CNC cut the surfboards stringer direct from the design file.

Step Three is to match the blank which best fits the shape of the surfboard in terms of strength to weight ratio.

Here we have completed steps One through Three and are ready for Step Four which is blank prep and glue up. . . .

In this case a 5’11” Flow is taking shape.

One thought on “The Way We Do…

    Jeremie Moinat says:

    We will be in NZ from the 29th of February – 8th and wanted to do our custom made surfboard. We also didn’t really know what board to take as we both are beginners, we have ridden a few times but are not yet very at ease with turning and with bigger waves. We are both very sporty and weigh 85 and 75kg
    What could you recommend and would you manage to do boards within the 2,5 weeks left?

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