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The Wooden Surfboard Day is on again – 4th August 2013

A random selection of past visits to Grant Newby’s fantastic Wooden Surfboard Days in the Park at Currumbin Alley – Gold Coast.


The man himself, Grant Newby, who not only hosts the event but is also building some very innovative timber boards. Pic by Mike C.


A great get together of pasionate Shapers and Surfers who share their interest and creativity for Wooden Surfboards of all shapes and sizes.


Mike Connor, Tom Wegener and myself at the Gold Coast Surf Museum preparing to talk about Wood. (Wooden Surfboard Day 2010).


Sharing stories about the adventures of building Wooden Surfboards is part of the show.

Speaking at the Gold Coast Museum – Wooden Surfboard Day 2010


The Wooden Board Day is all about meeting great people. . .

Talking Wooden Boards with Paul Joske – Paul has fascinating stories about his Wooden Board building adventures and he has been a major inspiration to me over the years.


Talking Hot Curls with Dick Van Straalen – Dick is holding a Balsa Hot Curl he made which I got to ride and was instrumental in my decision to shape my first Hot Curl.


Rich Pavel, the creater of the original “Speed Dialer” casts his eye over one of my Wooden versions. Pic by Mike C


Some of the Wooden Surfboards we have displayed at Grant Newby’s Wooden Surboard Days over the years:



Wooden Speed Dialers lined up in the Park – Pic by Mike C



Cabbage Tree Gun on the left – Coconut Fish on the right


Wooden Speed Dialer in action – Pic by Mike C


All the best for a great 2013 Wooden Surfboard Day!

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