Saturday, 19 July 2014 - Posted by Roger at 9:03 am

What is happening at Surfline Custom Surboards this week . . .

Every week is a different week at Surfline Custom Surfboards. We enjoy having the opportunity to be part of the Customer’s journey.

Each board is individually handcrafted and that means for us that we connect with each surfboard one on one. We connect to the person through the work we do on their board and the board becomes the person in a way. We have “an imaginary Customer” when we design and build a board for the Candy Store.

In any week we can have a one off special project, such as building a Balsa Wood!

We can be working with a very special fabric inlay, with an amazing painting transferred to fabric and from there to the surfboard.

Or maybe doing a beautiful Resin Tint, following a brief from the Customer and with the excitment of how the Resin Tint will look at the end!

Some Customers may want to have some graphics that they have designed or they have an idea and we help to make it happen.

Other Customers will have a focus on woodwork with the beauty of timber’s natural colours and grains

We can have “surprise boards”, where we know who the board is for but we can’t tell; we are very lucky to be part of those magic moments where someone wants to give something unique to someone special.

We can be part of “that” step forward, where a long time surfer wants to try something challenging: shorter, longer, less volume, more volume, new surf spot, a new shape for a new experience.

I can’t dream for a better place to work …

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