Tom Cat 5’9″ SOLD

Tom Cat on the Prowl! Previously available by custom order only it's time to unleash the powerful combo of performance and surfing functionality that is the Tom Cat. Imagine what happens when Speed Dialers and Magic Carpets decide to raise a family. The dna is as strong as it gets with bloodlines dating way back. Design elements from two time proven performers combined in a new breed of cat: strong and nimble, fast and powerful, subtle balance, smooth and slick. The planshape displayes the curves of the Magic Carpet with a tail width thats between your typical M.C and your typical Speed Dialer. The rocker bears the hallmarks of both (pun intended) while the contours are more accentuated than a Carpet they are subtle as compared to a Speed Dialer. It's a winning blend as evidenced by custom feedback received. 5'9" x 16 1/4" x 20 1/4" x 15 5/8" x 2 15/16" 39 litres available from The Candy Store.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 5'9"

Width: 20 1/4"

Thickness: 2 15/16"

(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)