Short Fuse 5’4″ SOLD

$995 inc. fins Ref: 5417

Volume: 24.8 Litres. This board features slightly more width than a standard Short Fuse which gives it a little more float and flow over the flats. It's designed to be fast and loose in typically average conditions making it the right choice as a go to board for everyday surfing. we have set it up to be ridden as either a Thruster or Quad so that you can experiment and experience far more from one board. This board is built light for performance short boarding from a "Super Strong" formula Surf Blank. It has a strong light weight Poplar stringer and a glass job configured to minimise weight and yet provide a high level of functional durability. It's light AND strong! Light up your surfing in small to medium wave conditions on this concave powered Short Fuse. You'll be STOKED!

Typical Dimensions

Length: 5'4"

Width: 19"

Thickness: 2 1/16"

Fin Setup


(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)