Speed Dialer 6’2″ SOLD

Ref: 5312

This particular board is taken off a Demo we had available for people to test drive. I would say that almost everybody that rode that yellow Demo either custom ordered or brought a Speed Dialer off the rack. That Demo holds the record as our most successful Demo ever. Now that our Speed Dialer shape is so well known I no longer use a Demo as most people are already familiar with it. Instead, I make the same shape as the Demo available in our showroom and here it is! This shape is a proven winner with it's easy to ride package of speed, looseness and versatility. New comers to this shape are blown away at how fast they can paddle it and are delighted to report a sharp increase in their wave count! This is a board that can be ridden up to 12" shorter than your current board due to the volume distribution and secret sauce rocker. Fast paddling, quick off the mark and the ability to hold speed and flow over flat spots makes this board flow from one turn to the next giving the rider plenty of options to adjust their timing according to the situation. With this board you have the option to draw the lines that suit the occasion, you can run well out from the pocket along the shoulder and the board will hold it's speed to facilitate a long on rail carving cutback. Alternatively this board will engage in quick tight arc snaps with plenty of hold in steep situations. Most of our customers find that this model easily serves as their all round every day go to board. Such is the versatility of this Speed Dialer model.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 6'2"

Width: 21 1/2"

Thickness: 2 15/16"

Fin Setup


(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)