Speed Dialer DT 5’9″ SOLD

Ref: 5263

Following on from the phenomenal success of our Speed Dialer comes the Diamond Tail version. All the goodness we packed in our regular Speed Dialer with a smoother less fishy feel. If you are looking into an alternative to the Fish, that is both smooth and punchy, check it out! This 5'9" is 39 litres. The secret of the Speed Dialers success is the combination of volume and performance. The performance is easy to tap into across a wide range of conditions. Smooth, fast and loose! Designed and shaped by Roger Hall and handcrafted by the Surfline team

Typical Dimensions

Length: 5'9"

Width: 20 3/4"

Thickness: 2 7/8"

Fin Setup


(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)