Hot Curl Mid

The past merges with the present on this Finless surfboard. The idea is to combine cutting edge finless technology from the 1930’s with present day design concepts. If you want to have a lot of fun and yet be seriously challenged in the same instant you better try one!

Typical Dimensions

Length: 7'0" - 8'0"

Width: 20" – 22"

Thickness: 2 ½” – 3”+

Nose: Variable

Tail: Variable

Fin Setup


(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)

A Word From Roger

With the current interest in Finless boards that is swirling through the surfing world, I thought it would be fun to try and bring back the Hot Curl from its extinction (brought on by the invention of the fin) The Hot Curl was once the most advanced surfboard shape in the world! I find it very intriguing then, that this design has been buried under the landslide of surfboard evolution for so long..
Board Details