Hot Curl

The Hot Curl relies on a steep Roll/Vee bottom contour through the tail third to pull the tail into the face of the wave and hold it there. These boards are a floating history lesson! Think of a time when Surfboards were state of the art before the invention of the Fin... There is something very special about the feel of paddling into a wave knowing that you are relying on the bottom contours of your surfboard and the forces that be to agree.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 9'0" - 10'0"

Width: 21" - 22 ½"

Thickness: 2 ½"- 3 ¼"

Nose: Variable

Tail: Variable

Fin Setup

The Hot Curl is a Finless Surfboard.

(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)

A Word From Roger

Designing, shaping and riding Hot Curls of various shapes, size and styles has become something of great intrigue. I feel that we all have a lot to learn from the experience these boards offer. To capture a taste of what the worlds best Surfers were riding in the 1930's is to realise just how talented those Surfers were.
Board Details