The Innovator is a high performance chassis with a minimal style planshape pulled in through the tail section for control and maneuverability in steeper parts of the wave. While it is certainly a lot of “fun” to ride, this design is capable of high performance turns when the waves turn on. With generous tail rocker and a full concave bottom, the Innovator is fast, responsive and well behaved in steeper more challenging waves than you would normally expect to ride with a “Mini Mal”. Also available as Round and Round Square tails.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 6'4" - 8'8"

Width: 20 ½" – 22"

Thickness: 2 ¾” – 3”+

Nose: 16” - 18"

Tail: 13” – 14”

Fin Setup

Thruster or Tri Fin

(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)

A Word From Roger

I am particularly proud of this design which I conceived in 1993 in what was a radical departure from traditional shaping theory. I took my Wavewalker model and added 1” of tail rocker while replacing the vee bottom with a nose to tail concave. I narrowed and thinned the tail section and moved the fin cluster forward. My contempories said it couldn’t be done and it wouldn’t work. However, the resulting shape was to my mind cutting edge…