Convertible both by name and nature. Built for cruising summer time conditions while sporting plenty of performance when the waves get going. Designed as a medium high volume board, to paddle fast and catch waves easily. Inherent glide allows low speed flow to connect turns in junky conditions. When the waves steps up so does the convertible. Put your foot on the gas and feel the positive engagement of the concaved wing. Comes standard as a Quad, but quickly converts to a five fin Bonzer, a Single, Twin or Tri Fin. Discover the difference between a wide range of fin set ups and take advantage of "all box" adjustability for fine tuning of each fin option.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 6'4" +/-

Width: 21" +/-

Thickness: 3” +/-

Nose: 17” +/-

Tail: 15” +/-

Fin Setup

Multiple options from Single Fin to 5 Fin Bonzer

(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)

A Word From Roger

This is like taking a sports car for a cruise with the top down, fast and zippy with the option to just have fun. This board "converts" from Single to Twin, to Twin Keels, to Thruster, to Tri, to Quad, to 5 Fin Bonzer with plenty of scope to get inventive as well. One board that handles a wide range of conditions and can be surfed with multiple fin options. Be prepared to learn a thing or two about fins from the Convertible!
Board Details