Fifty Eight Special

Originally intended as a one off special edition the Fifty Eight Special soon proved too good to leave at that! So here it is, now added into our fine line of nose riding Logs.The Fifty Eight is a blend of all our other great Logs plus some tweaks and refinements which pay dividens in both the turning and noseriding departments. Slick and silky smooth for your noseriding pleasure! The Fifty Eight contains both vintage elements as well as a modern rethink on overall log functionality. Book a ride on our Demo!

Fin Setup

Single Fin

A Word From Roger

Here at Surfline our logging days started long before we formalised our shapes into stand alone models back in 1995. With this in mind two Log styled boards were included in our first model offering: Our '50's influenced Vintage Reissue and mid '60's styled Classic Brand. Five years later we followed up with the Electraglide! This gave us three great noseriding Log options which we have tweaked and refined over the years while following both, my own design thought processes as well as listening to individual customer needs and desires. As a result of some serious(and fun) research and development during one of our Freeway Project sessions down country,a call was made to blend the V.R and Classic Brands into a slick new Log which we aptly named the Sugar Glider! Now, with an arsenal of four great Log options, each with their own strong performance characteristics you might say thats enough. The thing is the shapers mind never stops designing and when I decided to celebrate my 58th birthday I was struck by the alignment of numbers in that I was born in 1958 and was also turning 58! Having been riding Finless Hot Curls for a number of years I had decided to shape myself a noserider for Summer time log jam days that lay ahead. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to take a soild base line and lay some creativity over the top so heres what I did: Starting with the Sugar Glider which is already chocked full of good D.N.A from both the V.R and C.B models, I then added in some E.G influence into the planshape curves as well as taking the bottom rocker into new territory with a little extra tail flip while reducing the curve forward of the apex. Call it an enhancement in all areas of logability! What a way to celebrate, the board was an instant hit and I called it the Fifty Eight Special. Was it a one off? hell no! that first one dissappeared into the back of T.B's van and isn't looking like coming back home anytime soon! Tony loves that board! Needless to say a string of custom orders followed and we are also offering the Fifty Eight Special off the rack from The Candy Store. Get your toes on one! 

Board Details