Imagine you are a surfer back in early 1968 . . . the shortboard revolution is in top gear, surfboards are changing fast, maybe too fast, surfing is in a period of extreme transition, lengths are dropping dramatically and there is little time for refinement or attention to the subtleties, it's a scramble to adapt! Then . . a time traveler hands you one of these! FLOW a state of the art Midlength that has taken its time to fully develop, it's slick, refined, balanced, fluid. The pinnacle of performance! Using hindsight as a tool we have taken an enlightened and intelligent path to capture a period in time which transcends two eras: long and short. Inherent in FLOW is the smooth glide of a full planshape, a noseride is accessible via a subtle nose concave. The rest of the bottom is divided into lightly rolled trim section and flat panel vee with a crisp tucked edge for loose and lively turning. Experience the forgotten thrill of flowing in perfect trim with the ability to change direction just a blink away, it's smooth, it's quick, it's in harmony with the wave, it's the FLOW! Keeping it in step and in style with the energy flow and that is the essence of this thing we do called surfing. FLOW comes in a length range from 6'6" to 8'9" encouraging you, the rider, to tap into more or less of the long or short of it from a lost era that speaks of the pure joy of riding waves. Available exclusively as a dedicated Single Fin. Feel the FLOW!

Fin Setup

Single Fin

A Word From Roger

Working on this project has been such a pleasure for me. My formative years as a fledgling shaper were after all, in an around the years of rapid change brought about by the shortboard revolution. To be able to freeze frame a design from that bygone era, a style of shape lasting a few short months (quite literally) and to be able to evolve and refine on the potential of the original concepts has been therapeutic and rewarding.

Call it a time machine from an age before the word "sport" was considered a suitable description for our surfing life style. Flow will help you find exactly that: YOUR flow lines, your trim lines, your style and your stoke.

Go with the FLOW!

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