Zombie Slayer Thruster

The Zombie Slayer comes fresh off the back of Surfline's: "The Freeway Project" research and development initiative. The rocker is flatter than a standard shortboard yet plenty enough curve to excel in a wide range of conditions. The Zombie Slayers rocker works in conjunction with a front foot concave to ensure you'll be quick off the mark with stacks of speed to tap into. A carefully placed back foot Vee contour provides a "swivel" affect for effortless turning. The Zombie Slayer is a fast and loose high performance shortboard with a crisp positive feel. It's versatile enough to be either a "Go To" or as a quiver addition to maximise your fun on the small to medium days.

Fin Setup

Can be set up as a Thruster, Quad or with Five Fin Boxes

Board Details