Hot Curl Vintage

A reproduction of 1930’s Hawaiian surfcraft at its evolutionary peak just prior to the invention of the fin. Most of the original Hot Curl boards were probably built from Redwood. This is my preferred timber choice for these historic re-issues. The featured board is made from a mix of heart and sap New Zealand grown Redwwod. Other timbers can also be used based on their individual beauty, grain and colour. Available in a range of lengths and dimensions.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 9'0" - 10'0"

Width: 20" – 21"

Thickness: 2 ½” – 3”

Nose: 16” – 16 ½”

Tail: 10” – 11”

Fin Setup


(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)

A Word From Roger

A respectful tip of the hat to a time in surfing history when an exciting design breakthrough had been made. The Hot Curl was absolute cutting edge surfboard design circa 1930’s.