Originally surfboards were built from woods the ancient Hawaiians used like Koa. Through the revival of the early 1900's woods like Pine and Redwood were common and eventually by the 1950's surfboards were mainly made of Balsawood. However this was short lived, as foam replaced balsa in the late fifties, little is really known about the performance attributes of wood. It has been exciting to experience the special feel and performance characteristics that wood has to offer. Wood has a fast and lively feel, with good flow and edge control. The board featured on the left, is a variation on our Competitor Deluxe Model and it has been tweaked towards more tip time with a more parallel planshape and wider tail. It is built of Balsa wood with an Ecuadorian cedar stringer. Often the orders I get for Wooden Longboards have a more traditional flavour, however, I have used wood to make boards for both traditional and progressive shapes with excellent results. Note: the dimensions below correspond to the displayed board.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 9'4"

Width: 23"

Thickness: 3”

Nose: 19”

Tail: 16”

Fin Setup

Walnut/glass centre fin Fibreglass side fins

(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)

A Word From Roger

The first Wooden board I made was for myself back in 1993. I copied my favourite lightweight high performance longboard. While this Agave board was noticeably heavier, it felt lively to ride and was in my opinion hands down a superior surfboard in a surprising number of ways: everything from paddling and wave catching to duck diving, holding an edge, quick tight turning and retaining speed!