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Tony’s Performance Update: Fifty Eight Special X Flow – Minor Variation

I am very happy to report that the approved Minor Variation of the TB 2019 Quiver Update has been a HUGE success! The update of TB’s 58 Special from a 9’2″ to a 9’4″ and an extension of his Flow from 7’2″ to a 7’6″ has been positively received and the last 48hrs has produced some long trimline noserides, pocket rides and big grins all round. 

All formalities aside, the update and arrival of to these two boards coincided perfectly with the first decent swell of summer and the boards got plenty of water time over the past few days. 


9’4″ X 19 1/8″ X 23″ X 15 3/4″ X 3 3/16″ 

Colour – Light pastel Purple

Single Fin – 10″ “Colin Unkovich” Handmade Rake Fin

The “58” has always been a favourite of mine, right from that first Yellow 58 Roger made. I have surfed 9’2″ and 10’0″ versions of this model with my trusty old Red 9’2″ being my staple for the past 3 years. When Roger and I met up over Winter to discuss an upgrade to this board I was really set on getting a more “loggy” version, and we discussed a couple of different shapes ( Double D , Vintage Re-Issue etc) and talked about the appeal of this more traditional models. I love Nose-riding and for me the Fifty Eight Special has always been a “rockstar” in this department, so we came up with a slight increase in length (and overall rail, volume etc) to create the 9’4″. Instant success! I have just had 3 days of surfing on it and it’s everything we had envisage. The extra length has added a much more “trad slash hipster” feel to the board. Solid on the nose, smooth on the trim and glide, and responsive when you want to shimmy back into the pocket or drive off the bottom. I have been riding it with an old Unk 10″ Paisley single fin ( + no leash of course).  Long Live the Fifty Eight Special. 


7’6″ X 17″ X 21 3/” X 4 7/8″ X 2 15/16″ (53.2l) 

Colour – Pastel Green

Single Fin – 9″ Fin Shui Rake Fin

I have spoken a lot before about my obsession with mid-lengths, and The Flow is a true representation of this. The “time traveller” of sorts. Well this upgrade has achieved exactly what we wanted. Like the 58 upgrade, this is the 3rd variation of this shape Roger has made me. I always had 7’6″ in my head as the perfect length, for the style of surfing I enjoy and the types of waves we get around home. The maiden voyage of the 7’6″ was on the Bar, low tide, head high walls with lots of opportunity to drive through the arc, trim through the speed section, and jam a nice carving cut-back back to the source. I am only up to surf number 3 on this board, and it already feels like a timeless classic. I am riding the Flow with a 9″ Fin Shui Rake Fin for ultimate vibes. 


On a side note – the story behind the colours for these boards stems from the desire to not only create a board that is functionally impeccable to surf, but also creates an aesthetic and cerebral experience. Pastels automatically invoke the more retro, traditional vibe and are a recreation of the colours the old school shapers would have mixed to stray away from the traditional clear coat finished.  Massive thanks to Rhys for all your magic on this. And ofcourse to Roger for creating these magic shapes. Step on and ride!

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