All round modern style longboard. It rides well off the nose and the tail. With plenty of paddle power, glide and trim. Chine rails, a nose concave blending into a gentle roll through the center. Double barrel concaves feeding through a vee for the tail third of the board. Round Square tail.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 9'0" - 9'6"

Width: 22" – 23 ½"

Thickness: 2 ¾” – 3 ½”

Nose: 17" - 19"

Tail: 14” – 15”

Fin Setup

Tri fin with centre fin in 10 ½” fin box

(Dimensions & fin set up can be customised to meet individual requirements.)

A Word From Roger

In 1980 I started shaping what may have been the first New Zealand longboards of the modern era. I called them Wavewalkers. These boards quickly evolved over the years into a modern progressive style longboard. In the late ‘80s the Wavewalker took on influences inspired by California shaper Bill Stewart who, in my opinion, took the modern longboard to another level.