Sugar Glider

Super smooth and super slick, the Sugar Glider glides in with a sweet feel that sets up the whole ride. The rocker is designed to accentuate tight turns especially when done with old school, drop knee and cross step style. This board finds it's own lovely trim line from the turn and into the noseride where it sits solidly for exciting tip time action. The planshape is exactly in between the planshapes of our well proven Vintage Reissue and Classic Brand models. The bottom contours start with a nose concave/roll combination that supports long periods on the tip. The mid section is rolled into a roll/vee combination that facilitates smooth multi arc turning off the tail. Comes standard with a 10" adjustable finbox and 10" Fin. The Sugar Glider is best in the medium to heavy weight range.

A Word From Roger

The Sugar Glider is  a recent addition to our "LOG" noserider series. The original prototype came about as a result of The Freeway Project R and D trip earlier in 2015. We had been busy riding and comparing two of our popular Log models to see which one we preferred. Between the Classic Brand and the V.R models we failed to declare a clear winner! Being as both these models have been tweaked and refined over the years, they both represent great options for old school longboarding and  noseriding.

During our team discussions I got the idea to combine both models into a new, super slick, super smooth board that captured the essence of each design. I also took the opportunity to apply some ideas I had been thinking about regarding an update to the rocker curve. The result is the Sugar Glider! and the performance has proven to be nothing short of stunning.

Board Details